Ayurvedic lifestyle for summer

This article is part of Ayurvedic Seasonal Routines series preceded by Ayurvedic routines for winter. This is summer in northern hemisphere; follow these regimes to improve your health during this vulnerable season. Summer is the season when our innate strength and immunity is at minimum, so healthy life style is important during this season to prevent illnesses and infections. State of body During summer vata accumulates in body and pitta comes to surface. So digestion gets weak and skin susceptible to inflammation. Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Summer Begin your day by brushing your teeth with powders of cooling herbs like mint and neem. Alternatively you can select tooth pastes of these herbs or you can use these powders to massage your gums. Light massage with coconut oil is good. Do minimal exercises. Walking with bare foot on a cool dewy lawn is very cooling. Eye exercises are also important during this … Continue reading “Ayurvedic lifestyle for summer”