5 Forgotten Lifestyle tips

As we advance to modern health care, we are forgetting certain healthy choices we used to practice. Here I would like to discuss some of the healthy lifestyles we used to do for centuries and lost when we advanced to modern life. Most of the time when we think about healthy lifestyle, we think only about diet and exercise (may be sleep as well sometimes). But there are many other things we can easily do once we establish. Health is not the absence of diseases but physical and mental well being (loss of wellness is actually the first step of pathology). The following tips are of great help once we are aware of them. 1. Your job is only ‘a part’ of your life: All of us are ambitious and like to be successful in our life. Even though we know that job is not everything, we are investing a … Continue reading “5 Forgotten Lifestyle tips”

EATING IN AYURVEDA – 10 Facts You Should Know

Ayurveda the holistic medical system of India; deals with all embodied lives; humans, animals and plants. Even though Ayurveda is referred as a medical system, therapies form only a tip of Ayurveda. Ayurveda narrates vividly on health and measures to maintain health and longevity. Of course, one of the important steps to maintain health is careful eating. So let us discuss about eating here.Eating is one of the pleasures we begin to enjoy immediately after birth. Even if you are not a fan of food, you may have enjoyed and relaxed by food many times in your life. Because eating involves pleasures from all the senses- enjoying the appearance of food, its salivating aroma, and different crunchy and yummy sounds and of course taste. Taste is the second most widely situated special sensory perception. Taste buds are distributed from tip of the tongue to throat.So we are very much tempted … Continue reading “EATING IN AYURVEDA – 10 Facts You Should Know”

5 common food myths

Ayurveda the ancient system of holistic care advises how to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. From my experience I realise that many lifestyle or diet choices people make believing that they are healthy, are actually harming them. Here I would like to explain 5 common food myths. 1. You have to eat at regular times Not really. We have to eat only when we are hungry. Even though all of us know this fact, lately there is a tendency- supported by many articles and advices- to eat 3 meals or 5 small meals at regular times even when you are not hungry. It is true that if our body is healthy and have a good digestion, most of the time we feel hungry at regular intervals. But it can surely vary according to our last meal, the way we spent the day and/ or stress. Basically, appetite … Continue reading “5 common food myths”

Balancing our doshas

Ayurveda, the holistic medical system understands living body in its own unique way. The subtle functional factors in our body are collectively called as doshas (humors). They are air factors (vata), fire factors (pitta) and water factors (kapha). Vata involves functional factors responsible for control (e.g. nervous messaging) and movements. Pitta involves all functional factors responsible for heat, acidity and transformations in the system (enzymes, hormones, etc) and kapha involves all factors responsible for stability and support (extracellular fluids, synovial fluids, etc). Even though doshas share some common attributes, they are quite different to each other. So there should be a harmony between them to ensure smooth functioning of the body. That means when doshas are balanced, they ensure health and when they are imbalanced cause diseases. Even though they are independent factors, they work together and carry out very complex activities which are sometimes opposite to one another. So … Continue reading “Balancing our doshas”