Menopause is not a pause at all !!!

Menopause is the natural process of the end of monthly menstruation. Usually this change is associated with a set of miserable symptoms lasting from six months to more than five years. As you approach menopause, the production of female hormones; estrogens and progesterone by ovaries vary bringing about changes in the menstruation. Your cycles may get longer, shorter or irregular with lighter, heavier or unpredictable bleeding, gradually leading to complete cessation of bleeding. You are clinically said to have menopause, if you had no bleeding in last 12 months (if you are after the age of 50). Before 50, to confirm menopause you need to have absence of menstruation for last 24 months. Assessing your hormones via blood tests usually helps to have an early understanding. Menstruation marks the end of reproductive years. Usually women reach menopause between the ages of 45 to 55, age of 51 being the most … Continue reading “Menopause is not a pause at all !!!”

Improve your Digestive Energy ‘AGNI’

Ayurveda, India’s traditional system of health and healing has a unique understanding of body. One of the important aspects of Ayurvedic approach to health care is maintaining digestive energy, agni. Digestion is the process of breaking down food into smaller particles/nutrients followed by absorption and assimilation of those nutrients. Digestion is important because… The health and vitality of all tissues depend upon the nutrients they receive; and there for digestion. That’s how digestion actually determines the quality of your life. Digestion is not complete without proper absorption of nutrients by body. However carefully we select and eat healthy food, dietary supplements, multivitamins and/ or other nutrients our body will not be benefitted from them until they are absorbed. We can see that people with healthy diet having anaemia or other deficiency diseases. There for it is quite important to take proper care of our digestive and absorptive power. In Ayurveda … Continue reading “Improve your Digestive Energy ‘AGNI’”