Holistic Approach to H Pylori infection: A Case Study

Ayurveda never stops to astonish me. I always observed that Ayurveda is especially good when it comes to digestive disorders and chronic diseases. Lots of the time I have seen improvement earlier than expected, but lately I saw documents to prove my experience. A case of H pylori infection was completely negative by treatment of one month (and after one month of no treatment period before going for the test). The counts changed from 2000 to less than 200. H pylori is a bacterium that affects mainly upper digestive tract. It affects more than 50% of the population. Even though it can remain symptomless sometimes, in vulnerable individuals it results into severe pain, discomfort and nausea. H pylori damages the mucosa of the gut and affects normal flora and results into ulcer formation. If left untreated it can lead to stomach cancer. Case 1:Women aged 26 diagnosed with H pylori … Continue reading “Holistic Approach to H Pylori infection: A Case Study”

How to Prevent Flu?

The change of season from autumn to winter comes with a phase of cold, cough, fever, flu and respiratory infections for a lot. So most of us are wondering how to prevent flu! Some of us have tried vaccines without any big difference. So first of let’s understand why these infections are happening! This cold season is quite favourable for microbes to grow and multiply. When the bacteria or virus are abundant they are strong enough to attack us and result into infection. But if we are healthy and have good immunity, we can prevent the infection and kill the microbes. Saying that, as the change of season itself is demanding for the body-the body has to change different metabolism to different modes to suit the new weather- microbes find it quite easier to attack even a comparatively healthy individual. That is why it is important to boost our immunity … Continue reading “How to Prevent Flu?”