Ayurvedic Tips For a Healthy Skin

We all suffer some type of skin issues at some stages of life- ranging from itchy dry skin to a full blown dermatitis or eczema or psoriasis. It’s especially common in dry and cold seasons, children and after travel. Here we are discussing how to help your skin. For that first of all we need to know the causes. Common Causes of Skin Diseases:  An infection or a disease of skin, usually it comes from 1. Dry skin is the prime and most common reason for unhealthy skin. It becomes prominent during winter, change of seasons; end of summer and after migration from humid weather to comparatively dry weather. 2. Low immunity plays an important role in infections of skin and recurrences. 3. Poor digestion affects the nourishment of the body including skin and also results in low immunity. 4. Constipation results in the accumulation of waste in the system … Continue reading “Ayurvedic Tips For a Healthy Skin”