Balancing the Doshas: Ways & Tips

“You must find the place in yourself, where nothing is impossible” Dr Deepak Chopra Doshas: Prakruti and Vikruti There is a basic ratio of these three doshas for every human body, which is fixed from the time of birth. This ratio gives us our uniques body type. Ayurveda calls this ratio as “Prakruti”, which is a Sanskrit term for ‘Nature’. Whenever your doshas are affected by doet, lifestyle, weather or environmental factors, they get imbalanced. Imbalance of doshas is called “Vikruti” which is the Sanskrit for ‘Abnormality’. Let’s go through some aspects of diet and lifestyle to harmonize the doshas to stay balanced. Vata Vata responds quite quickly to stimulation. In balanced form, Vata helps to keep a balanced and flexible body and mind. A proper balance of vata can be attained through these steps: – Meditation, Yoga and sound sleep.– Eat warm, colourful and flavourful diet.– Give importance to … Continue reading “Balancing the Doshas: Ways & Tips”