Creamy & Healthy Red Lentil Curry

While adding nutrition to your meal, Red Lentil Curry is a vegan traditional Indian curry. Without any dairy or milk, it has a creamy flavour and is a very easy delicious curry that will almost go well with almost anything! It can be even taken as a lentil soup! When paired with a bowl of rice or gluten-free naan, it makes an authentic and protein-packed meal. This dish is easy to prepare and being red lentil as the main ingredient, it offers a lot of benefits. It is gentle on the gut, good for all the three doshas, helps in weight management, improves blood circulation, builds immunity and reduces the risk of heart problems. Let’s see how this delicious dish is prepared. Without further ado, let’s see how it’s made! Ingredients Red Lentils 1 cup, rinsed and drained Tomatoes 1 cup, cut into small pieces (optional) Ginger 1 tsp, minced … Continue reading “Creamy & Healthy Red Lentil Curry”