A Quick and Easy Wintermelon Dish (Olan): A Curry for Pitta

Olan is a quite popular dish in South India. A Sadya, the South Indian Feast, is incomplete without an Olan. With a blend of healthy vegetables, Olan is a nutritious dish that’s perfect to be added to your diet. It goes well with white rice, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, appam and wheat bread. The main ingredient of Olan is Winter Melon (also known as ash gourd or wax gourd) that’s simmered in coconut milk. Winter melon is good for the brain, breast milk, and gut. And, it’s a popular cooling vegetable. Olan is a simple dish that has minimal ingredients and is light and subtle in flavour. Let’s see how it’s prepared. Ingredients Adzuki beans (Red Cow Peas / Van Payar) – 1/2 Cup Ash gourd (Kumbalanga) – 2 Cups Green Chilly 3 numbers or black pepper a quarter of a teas spoon (crushed) Coconut Cream – 1 Cup Salt … Continue reading “A Quick and Easy Wintermelon Dish (Olan): A Curry for Pitta”