Pumpkin Soup- A Creamy Vegan Detox Meal

Pumpkin soup forms a thick and creamy dish filled with the natural flavours of Pumpkin and spinach. With pumpkin being the major ingredient, the soup offers many health benefits. In addition, this vegan dish requires very few ingredients and can be easily prepared in time for a perfect detox meal. when eaten moderately, it’s gentle on the stomach and helps to balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Furthermore, pumpkin and spinach soup serves as a nutritious meal and is filled with Vitamin A,m and iron which help improve immunity and fight infections. Let’s see how it’s prepared. Ingredients Pumpkin- 2 cups, chopped Vegetable Oil or Ghee – 2 teaspoons Onion- 1, chopped Garlic- 1 tbsp, minced Dress Ginger (grated): 2 teaspoons Vegetable Broth/ warm water- 4 cups Salt- as required Pepper- 1 pinch Cumin seeds: 2 teaspoons Fennel seeds: 2 teaspoons Mustard seeds: 1 teaspoon Dry pitted Prunes (cut into small … Continue reading “Pumpkin Soup- A Creamy Vegan Detox Meal”