Rice porridge

Rice Porridge Recipe

Rice porridge is a good breakfast porridge for pitta and vata imbalance. Matta rice (available from Indian shops) is recommended during fever and when you are ill as a detox diet. Quinoa can be substituted for rice, which is a better choice for Kapha, Dosha.


Short grain rice-1cup
Ghee- ½ tablespoon
Cumin seeds-1 pinch
Salt-¼ teaspoon
Hot water -2 cups


1.Wash rice thoroughly.
2.Heat the ghee or oil over medium heat and saute the cumin seeds for a
few moments until the aroma starts to come out.
3.Add the rice and mix well. Add the salt and hot water. Bring all this
to a boil and boil for 2–3 minutes. Turn down the heat to very low and
4.For stickier rice leave the lid half open, for drier rice keep the lid
on tight. Cook until the rice is tender—about 15–20 minutes. Matta rice
need 30-40 min cooking time.


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