Ayurveda, Immunity and COVID-19

Everyone is talking about immunity now; Immunity is the ability of the body to resist a specific organism or diseases. However, in a holistic perspective, immunity is the ability of the body to protect itself and fight any threats to the health and wellness. It comes from a healthy balanced body-at least to some extent. Ayurveda considers immunity as an attribute of pure ojas. We will have pure ojas when tissues in our body are balanced and nourished well. Ojas is considered as the essence of body that is so obvious when we look at someone. Ojas gives wellness to us, and when we are sick that’s what reduced in us. So, it is clear that we can’t create or improve immunity overnight. It is an outcome of committed personal care and healthy lifestyle. However, there are few things that can be done to boost immunity even in this eleventh … Continue reading “Ayurveda, Immunity and COVID-19”

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The world is going through a health crisis, novel Corona Virus Disease (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2) widely known as COVID-19 which World Health Organisation (WHO) has characterized as a pandemic (a pandemic is a disease that has spread in multiple countries around the world, usually affecting a large number of people) currently affecting 166 countries and areas, with a total confirmed cases of 207855 today. However, there are many positive news as well, in China, the cases are significantly reduced, no local cases are reported today compared to 15152 new cases on 12/2/2020. Around 96% of affected people in China are recovered including a 103 years old woman. All this news from China confirm that this is possible to control, but we need to break the chain (of spreading). Know the virus to no the virus: What is Coronavirus? Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses … Continue reading “Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”

Five Reasons to Choose Alternative Healing Therapies

Alternative therapies also known as Complementary medicine is any form of therapies or system of medicine other than Conventional Western Medicine. Naturopathy, Traditional medicine and other systems of medicine based on its own principles contribute Alternative therapies. Now let’s go through some points on why to choose alternative healing therapies. 1. Contemporary world is leading a lifestyle which is causing various diseases and ill- health conditions. This sedentary lifestyle is involved with eating a lot of junk food and much more stress. The results are always taxing ranging from tiredness, fogginess, increased irritability, irregular sleep to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, skin diseases, mental health issues, etc. Alternative therapies generally provide guidelines on diet and lifestyle to support healing which can be used solely or complementing the conventional medicine. 2. Many of the Alternative therapies are time tested. The history of Alternative therapies spans from hundreds to thousands of years. For example … Continue reading “Five Reasons to Choose Alternative Healing Therapies”

Balancing the Doshas: Ways & Tips

“You must find the place in yourself, where nothing is impossible” Dr Deepak Chopra Doshas: Prakruti and Vikruti There is a basic ratio of these three doshas for every human body, which is fixed from the time of birth. This ratio gives us our uniques body type. Ayurveda calls this ratio as “Prakruti”, which is a Sanskrit term for ‘Nature’. Whenever your doshas are affected by doet, lifestyle, weather or environmental factors, they get imbalanced. Imbalance of doshas is called “Vikruti” which is the Sanskrit for ‘Abnormality’. Let’s go through some aspects of diet and lifestyle to harmonize the doshas to stay balanced. Vata Vata responds quite quickly to stimulation. In balanced form, Vata helps to keep a balanced and flexible body and mind. A proper balance of vata can be attained through these steps: – Meditation, Yoga and sound sleep.– Eat warm, colourful and flavourful diet.– Give importance to … Continue reading “Balancing the Doshas: Ways & Tips”

Ayurvedic Tips For a Healthy Skin

We all suffer some type of skin issues at some stages of life- ranging from itchy dry skin to a full blown dermatitis or eczema or psoriasis. It’s especially common in dry and cold seasons, children and after travel. Here we are discussing how to help your skin. For that first of all we need to know the causes. Common Causes of Skin Diseases:  An infection or a disease of skin, usually it comes from 1. Dry skin is the prime and most common reason for unhealthy skin. It becomes prominent during winter, change of seasons; end of summer and after migration from humid weather to comparatively dry weather. 2. Low immunity plays an important role in infections of skin and recurrences. 3. Poor digestion affects the nourishment of the body including skin and also results in low immunity. 4. Constipation results in the accumulation of waste in the system … Continue reading “Ayurvedic Tips For a Healthy Skin”

5 Forgotten Lifestyle tips

As we advance to modern health care, we are forgetting certain healthy choices we used to practice. Here I would like to discuss some of the healthy lifestyles we used to do for centuries and lost when we advanced to modern life. Most of the time when we think about healthy lifestyle, we think only about diet and exercise (may be sleep as well sometimes). But there are many other things we can easily do once we establish. Health is not the absence of diseases but physical and mental well being (loss of wellness is actually the first step of pathology). The following tips are of great help once we are aware of them. 1. Your job is only ‘a part’ of your life: All of us are ambitious and like to be successful in our life. Even though we know that job is not everything, we are investing a … Continue reading “5 Forgotten Lifestyle tips”

Ayurvedic lifestyle for summer

This article is part of Ayurvedic Seasonal Routines series preceded by Ayurvedic routines for winter. This is summer in northern hemisphere; follow these regimes to improve your health during this vulnerable season. Summer is the season when our innate strength and immunity is at minimum, so healthy life style is important during this season to prevent illnesses and infections. State of body During summer vata accumulates in body and pitta comes to surface. So digestion gets weak and skin susceptible to inflammation. Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Summer Begin your day by brushing your teeth with powders of cooling herbs like mint and neem. Alternatively you can select tooth pastes of these herbs or you can use these powders to massage your gums. Light massage with coconut oil is good. Do minimal exercises. Walking with bare foot on a cool dewy lawn is very cooling. Eye exercises are also important during this … Continue reading “Ayurvedic lifestyle for summer”

Ayurvedic routine for winter

As promised earlier in my previous blog about Ayurvedic seasonal routines,I’ve thus begun writing an article series of ayurvedic routines for each season. As this is winter in southern hemisphere, let me start with ayurvedic routine for winter itself. I hope you would enjoy this article series and it will help you maintain good health. Following regimes will help to balance your doshas and improve health during winter. State of body in winter During winter, internal metabolism is increased. All doshas are in balance in early winter, so increase your inner strength at your best. During winter healthy people will be healthier and digestive power is increased. Later on kapha starts to accumulate in body. Ayurvedic winter regimes Wake up with sun. Sleeping beyond sunrise can easily cause respiratory and/or sinus diseases. Brush your teeth with cinnamon and/or clove powder, which can protect your teeth and stimulate you. Gargle and … Continue reading “Ayurvedic routine for winter”

Ayurvedic Seasonal Routine for Wellness Care

Ayurveda, traditional holistic system of healing and wellness, gives prime importance to maintaining health and promoting wellness. Seasonal regimes are another important part of swastavritta, ayurvedic advices to maintain health. As we know nature changes from season to season. The changes in Mother Nature bring changes in the level of doshas, the three basic functional particles of our body. Furthermore, along with the climate change, there are changes in our surroundings and environment and even in animals, plants, and the food and medicines that we use. Seasonal routines are important As everything around us changes according to the seasons, it is absolutely essential to make some changes in our daily routines according to the seasons. Even though the doshas in our body get disturbed in various seasons, it is healed by the next season. Only thing we have to do is not disturb the system. By seasonal regimes, Ayurveda advises … Continue reading “Ayurvedic Seasonal Routine for Wellness Care”

Routine for Daily Care of Your Body

Ayurveda, traditional healing system of India, emphasises mainly on promotion of health and prevention of diseases. Ayurveda means (literally) the knowledge of life. It is classified into two, caring of healthy individuals (Swasta Vritta) and caring of unhealthy individuals (Atura Vritta). When a person is healthy, Swasta Vritta helps to maintain health and prevent diseases. Health is not just an absence of diseases, but it is a balance of Doshas (functional particles; vata, pitta and kapha) and other body constituents; and wellness of sensory organs, mind and soul. Swasta Vritta advises healthy routines to lead a healthy life. Swastavritta includes daily regimes, seasonal regimes, healthy eating and so on. Daily Body Care Routine Daily regimes (Dina Charya) advice how we can do all our daily routines in a healthy way, so that we can easily maintain and improve health. Always keep in mind that all life style modifications should be … Continue reading “Routine for Daily Care of Your Body”