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| Dr. Rafeena - Ayurveda Medicine Practitioner, Sydney
“I am a patient of Dr Rafeena and have been having regular Ayurveda consultation sessions and treatments for the last 18 months. A few years ago I was diagnosed with neurological Lyme and I also became Parkinsonian and then soon after also developed a thyroid condition. My medical condition is considered chronic. I have spent the last five years trying many healing modalities and experimenting, under supervision, with the latest developments in natural supplements. Most things I found supportive and kept me alive and independent but when I started the Ayurveda way I felt I had finally come home. It just felt so natural. My body responded positively to the treatments right from the start. It just feels so nurturing. It is as if my body has its own intelligence and willingly surrenders to this type of treatment. And the treatment is also so personalised for what I need right now, which may be very different to even last week as my health was very unstable. Dr Rafeena is an Ayurveda doctor yet she is finely tuned in to the patient, I suspect through her training of the oldest healing modality known to us. She is an amazing diagnostician. She amazes me how acutely aware she is of changes in me from one session to another. But just as potent are her words of simple practical wisdom for me (which are never intrusive or an imposition but expressed with genuine care for her patient) which have as much of a healing effect on me as the physical treatments. The physical treatments themselves are gentle and energise the body; but not through force, rather through gentleness. These physical sessions coupled with Ayurveda herbs and at times powerful detoxification programs closely monitored by Dr Rafeena have seen me turn the corner health-wise. And I am now more hopeful that my body will continue to recover. Dr Rafeena is highly accomplished well beyond her years – and I should know for I have seen dozens of health practitioners. Yet she is so humble, sharing with me the knowledge and wisdom behind any Ayurveda instructions which she may give me. This makes my healing journey more empowering as I understand why I am doing something rather than just following instructions blindly. I am blessed to have found Dr Rafeena at this challenging time in my life.”

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