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    I. Ayurvedic Consultations:

    Ayurveda is a traditionally trusted natural therapeutic system for your body, mind and spirit to regain its positive balance and overall health by elevating its self-preservation.
    While looking into the roots of Ayurvedic theory, to understand a person’s health, the entire physical, mental, emotional valuations need to be considered. An Ayurvedic practitioner can evaluate your current state of health and advice you to improve your health through a consultation. And can provide you an effective treatment for regaining your health & its equilibrium.Imbalances and the deposition of toxins, which causing many diseases, are often also discovered during the consultation. A detailed consultation can also suggest a good diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies and body treatments that are needed. Below mentioned are our Ayurvedic consultation programs.Read more about Ayurvedic consultations here

    II. Ayurvedic Massage Treatments:

    Ayurveda offers a wide range of external treatments to compliment lifestyle recommendations and herbs to regain/maintain health. They have multidimensional effects on the well being of the individual. Apart from the specific effects, all of the Ayurvedic treatments are very relaxing and provide total wellness. Whenever using oil, herbalized oils which are made by processing around 10-40 sometimes even 80 herbs in sesame oil or coconut oil are used for the treatments. The oils are selected according to the body type and/ or health issues. Having 3-7 sessions of the treatment consecutively or periodically provides long lasting effects. Read more about Ayurvedic massage treatment here

    III. Ayurvedic Detox Treatments (Panchakarma):

    When something upsets body, body expels them mostly through nose, vomiting, sweat, stool, etc. You can experience this sort of cleansing in food poisoning, chest infection, fever, etc. Ayurveda uses these natural ways of cleansing in an increased but controlled way through panchakarma. As Ayurveda is highly holistic in nature, detox programmes always begin with a consultation. In order to carry out an effective cleansing, the metabolism should be good and the body well lubricated. So if your metabolism is not good enough and/ or the body is generally dry and dehydrated in nature, it’s important to prepare you using herbal preparations.

    The type, intensity and duration of the detox will be determined according to your imbalances and requirements. The cost of the detox will depend upon the total number of hours involved. The most basic detox programme requires 90 minutes for three consecutive days (plus a total of 90 minutes consultation) and costs $600 (including consultation; cost of herbs extra). Special diet and lifestyle is highly recommended during detox to maximise the benefits.Read more about Ayurvedic detox here

    IV. Ayurvedic Educational Programmes:

    Rafeena is an experienced and skilled Ayurvedic teacher and conducts various educational programmes for health practitioners and general public. The duration and cost of the programmes depend upon the type of the session. Bookings are essential for all trainings as the numbers of the seats are limited. If you are interested in the next available session please fill in the contact form or Call on 0469 928 491. We will contact you once the date and venue is finalised. Please note that these trainings are not nationally accredited but aimed to provide knowledge, skill and/ or experience in the field of training. However you will be provided with an acknowledgement of training which can be used for job purposes (except for Ayurvedic info night unless individually requested). Read more about Ayurvedic educational programmes here

    V. Consultancy for Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala:

    As Rafeena is born, brought up and learned Ayurveda in Kerala (She also practiced Ayurveda in Kerala around 7 years before coming to Australia) she has a thorough understanding regarding the Ayurvedic practitioners, resorts, hospitals and retreats and programmes happening in Kerala. Kerala is a tropical glowing state on Southern cost of India known as ‘God’s own country’. Kerala is considered as the cradle of genuine Ayurveda, the place which literally never lost the continuity of growth of Ayurveda. So Ayurveda is highly developed and specialised in Kerala. You can find various retreats and resorts located in serene environment as well as Ayurvedic speciality hospitals like Ayurvedic eye hospital, Ayurvedic infertility hospital, Ayurvedic mental hospital, Ayurvedic cancer institute, Ayurvedic hospital for sports injuries, etc. in Kerala. To know more about Ayurvedic retreat in kerala

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