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Standard Ayurvedic Consultation

A standard Ayurvedic consultation helps you to find out the root cause of your ill health/ diseases/ imbalances. Standard Ayurvedic consultation involves detailed questionnaire, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. Standard Ayurvedic consultation provides you lifestyle guidelines including diet, exercise, home remedies and self massage techniques. At the end of the consultation if needed, Dr Rafeena will give you a prescription of the herbs and Ayurvedic massage treatments that can help to heal you (herbs and Ayurvedic massage treatments are available from our clinic and a number of Ayurvedic clinics located around Australia).Ayurvedic Consultation - Dr Rafeena

Cost: $99

Duration: 60-70 minutes + 15 minutes for reception, herbs, etc.

Lifestyle Consultation

Ideal for people who are comparatively healthy and keen to know about their body type and recommended lifestyle. Lifestyle consultation involves assessment of body type using detailed questionnaires and physical examination followed by providing lifestyle recommendations that are ideal for your body type.

Cost: $77

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for reception, etc.

Diet Consultation

Recommended for those who are confused about their diet! Diet consultation involves assessment of your imbalance/ body type using detailed questionnaire and physical examination including pulse and tongue diagnoses. You will be provided with some customized recipes as well.

Cost: $77

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for reception, etc.

Quick Consultation

Assessment of your imbalance using questionnaire and physical examinations including pulse and tongue diagnoses. Quick consultation includes advices on significant lifestyle recommendations and prescribes herbs and treatments that can help to heal you. Quick consultation is recommended mainly for people who have an idea about Ayurveda and/or follow ups.

Cost: $66

Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes for reception, herbs, etc.

Skype Consultation

Longer consultations are available; please let us know if you need one. Consultations are possible face to face, through Skype or through telephone.
All the types of consultations are available on Skype as well. There is no variation with the fees.

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