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    Initial Consultation

    Your journey in Ayurveda begins with an initial consultation where the root cause of your ill health/ diseases/ imbalances will be found out. Initial consultation involves detailed questionnaire, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. It provides you clarity with what is happening in your body and how can improve it naturally. After understanding your body type, the imbalance of doshas and tissues will be assessed.

    After assessing your imbalance, during an initial consultation you will be recommended with lifestyle guidelines including diet, exercise, home remedies and self massage techniques. If needed, Rafeena will advice you the herbs known as Ayurvedic medicines. The effects of herbs will be advised along with dosage and duration needed. The type and duration of Ayurvedic massage treatments and Ayurvedic detox therapies known as Pancha karma will also be recommended as needed. Ayurvedic massage therapies and Ayurvedic herbs complement diet and lifestyle for a fast and long lasting recovery. Herbs and Ayurvedic massage treatments are available from our clinic and a number of Ayurvedic clinics located around Australia. According to the intensity of imbalance and severity of symptoms periodical assessments may be required via follow up consultations.

    Cost: $99
    Duration: 1 hour

    Ayurvedic Body Type/ Lifestyle consultation

    At certain points in our lives, we all wonder what am I doing wrong with my lifestyle / diet that my health is not the same any more. Quite possibly you may not be following lifestyle that suits your unique mind-body type known in Ayurveda as Prakruti. Ayurveda understands and identifies uniqueness of individuals as Prakruti and recommends the lifestyle that suits each individual the most. Ayurvedic body type/ Life style consultations helps to identify your unique body type and specific lifestyle guidelines for that body type.

    Ayurvedic body type consultations are ideal for people who are comparatively healthy and keen to know about their body type and recommended lifestyle. Lifestyle consultation involves assessment of body type using detailed questionnaires and physical examination involving pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis. Ayurvedic body type consultation helps to find out the lifestyle and diet ideal for you so that total mental and physical wellness is achieved with minimal efforts. Right lifestyle can also help you to prevent illness and maintain youthfulness. It just helps to improve the quality of life A LOT!!

    Cost: $77
    Duration: 40 minutes

    Diet Consultation

    Diet consultations are recommended for those who are confused about their diet! As we all know; food if right is a medicine and if wrong is a poison. Diet consultation involves assessment of your imbalance/ body type using detailed questionnaire and physical examination including pulse and tongue diagnoses. Then according to your body type and imbalance the diet and eating habits will be explained. You will be provided with some customized recipes as well.

    Cost: $77
    Duration: 40 minutes.

    Standard/ Follow up consultation

    A standard consultation in Ayurveda involves a quick assessment of your imbalance via questions, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and other physical examinations. It includes advices on significant lifestyle recommendations and prescribes herbs and massage treatments that can help to heal you. Quick consultation is recommended mainly for people who have an idea about Ayurveda and/or follow ups. Ayurvedic Consultation - Dr Rafeena

    Cost: $99
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Quick Consultation

    Assessment of your imbalance using questionnaire and physical examinations including pulse and tongue diagnoses. Quick consultation includes advices on significant lifestyle recommendations and prescribes herbs and treatments that can help to heal you. Quick consultation is recommended mainly for people who have an idea about Ayurveda and/or follow ups.

    Cost: $66
    Duration: 30 minutes

    Skype/ other Video call Consult

    If distance is make it hard to seek help, all types of consultations like initial consultations, follow up consultations, diet consultation, body type consultations, are available via Skype and other video calls as well. The recommendations will be emailed afterwards and the herbs/ Ayurvedic medicines are sent via courier.
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