A Perfect Escape into Nature

What a great time we had on our Kerala trip organised by Rafeena and Shaun. Travelling to India for the first time we met up with a lovely group of likeminded Australians staying at Greens Ayurveda.
The staff at Greens are amazing. It’s a simple place but the people are so friendly and kind and they do really make you feel at home. A special occasion for us was where a casual comment made about it being our wedding anniversary was turned into a truly unique experience with surprise cake, celebrations and dancing. We certainly felt the love that day.
It was great to have Rafeena and Shaun showing us around and explaining all things from the simplest observation of our new environment to the more complex topics on Ayurveda, religion and culture. A wonderful experience.

Donita Sheridan
May 9, 2023

The Best Retreat Ever

Firstly, Rafeena, you were so incredibly helpful and accomodating right from the beginning . As I had not travelled much, I was a bit anxious and you made things so easy . Having the flights booked for me was so helpful.The flight was great going direct to Bengaluru and I was just amazed by everything , the sights and sounds and smells and culture . When we arrived at Greens, to be greeted so warmly was wonderful after a long flight .I loved the way we were all made part of the family and I felt so loved and connected to everything and everybody . The Greens life is so peaceful and conscious and I did not want to leave, I felt that I had come home , not just at Greens but Kerala itself .I came out of my shell after a couple of days and loved my treatments and being part of the daily life , walks to the beach, swimming , the food , going to the supermarket , cultural performances and our outings were mind blowing . I particularly enjoyed our trip to Wayanard and could have done with another 2 days up there at least as there is much to do and see .I could not fault anything and my life is so much richer for the experience .The trip has sparked a deep desire to return for much longer to take in Anna’s Ashram, to explore more of Kerala, to study at Greens and to dive deep into Yoga and Yogic philosophy and to learn about Hinduism and Muslim way.I miss the call to prayer in the morning and miss India so very much .I am so grateful to you and Shaun and everyone at Greens and can’t wait to return back home to India .Now, I do have some people that are interested in going so I look forward to being able to share the details once you have announced everything .Thank you so much Rafeena , there is so much more that I would like to say but still find it hard to put into words .

May 9, 2023

Prompt Services with a Smile

Everything was organised with precision, promptness and with a SMILE. All communications/queries were prompt and clear. No request was considered too much and doctors, therapists and staff went out of their way to do their utmost to help and make the whole experience as smooth, enjoyable and in a very happy and caring atmosphere.

Sylvie Fernandes
November 11, 2022

Wonderful. Just as I hoped

My first experience with Rafeena is all that I hoped for and more for my health

John Hugo
November 10, 2022

Experienced a Compassionate Care

I have been seeing Rafeena for almost two years and I have to say she is the most experienced, professional and caring doctor I have ever met. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Gagan Jutty
November 10, 2022

Extremely Grateful

Thanks so much for everything Rafeena! You are not only a great doctor but also a friend and spiritual advisor. I now have a deep respect for ayurvedic practices and can feel the connection between my mind, body and spirit. I am healthy and happy, thank you.


November 10, 2022

Thank you Rafeena K Best Service and Treatment

‘I have been consulting here for a while now and I would suggest everybody to walk in with any difficulties you would be dealing with your health.Rafeena is a very friendly and professional doctor who takes the time to explain things in lame man’s language and takes good care of the patients.’

Zaneer Jabbar
November 10, 2022

Got a New Outlook on Health

‘When I went to Rafeena with my digestive and sleep issues, I was feeling pretty hopeless over my health at the time. However, Rafeena gave me an entirely new outlook and understanding of my health. I’ve worked with her over the course of three months, and in that time she helped me to understand not only how to resolve my health issues, but prevent them (and that was mostly only through Skype calls)! For anyone looking for a doctor who will genuinely care about your health and give you a new outlook on living a healthy life, I would definitely recommend her.’

Kelly Loutzenheiser
November 10, 2022

Amazing Experience

‘A beautiful caring doctor of Ayurveda. Thank you, I feel amazing!’

Trish Engelbogen
November 10, 2022

Feeling Refreshed & Rejuvenated

‘It has been some time since I have had a care like this. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank you!’

Tara Menon l
November 10, 2022

Friendly Service

‘A Professional and friendly service that I would highly recommend to all’

Payal Gounder
November 10, 2022

Highly Recommendable

‘Highly recommend the treatments, a touch of India with traditions of Ayurveda kept intact’

Ashish Menon
November 10, 2022

Personalized Consultations

‘Consultation is thorough. Treatment tailored to my condition’

Rachel S P Chang
November 10, 2022

Superb Advice & Care

‘The excellent advice and care provided. Thanks Rafeena’

Tanuja Prasad
November 10, 2022

Made My Healing Journey Empowering

“I am a patient of Rafeena and have been having regular Ayurveda consultation sessions and treatments for the last 18 months. A few years ago I was diagnosed with neurological Lyme and I also became Parkinsonian and then soon after also developed a thyroid condition. My medical condition is considered chronic. I have spent the last five years trying many healing modalities and experimenting, under supervision, with the latest developments in natural supplements. Most things I found supportive and kept me alive and independent but when I started the Ayurveda way I felt I had finally come home. It just felt so natural. My body responded positively to the treatments right from the start. It just feels so nurturing. It is as if my body has its own intelligence and willingly surrenders to this type of treatment. And the treatment is also so personalized for what I need right now, which may be very different to even last week as my health was very unstable.
Rafeena is an Ayurveda doctor yet she is finely tuned in to the patient, I suspect through her training of the oldest healing modality known to us. She is an amazing diagnostician. She amazes me how acutely aware she is of changes in me from one session to another. But just as potent are her words of simple practical wisdom for me (which are never intrusive or an imposition but expressed with genuine care for her patient) which have as much of a healing effect on me as the physical treatments.
The physical treatments themselves are gentle and energies the body; but not through force, rather through gentleness. These physical sessions coupled with Ayurveda herbs and at times powerful detoxification programs closely monitored by Rafeena have seen me turn the corner health-wise. And I am now more hopeful that my body will continue to recover. Rafeena is highly accomplished well beyond her years – and I should know for I have seen dozens of health practitioners. Yet she is so humble, sharing with me the knowledge and wisdom behind any Ayurveda instructions which she may give me. This makes my healing journey more empowering as I understand why I am doing something rather than just following instructions blindly. I am blessed to have found Rafeena at this challenging time in my life.”

Silvana, Sydney
November 10, 2022

Insightful and Encouraging Support

‘As a teacher, Rafeena has provided insightful advice and support and encouraged any decisions made. I am very pleased to be a part of such dynamic, accommodating and efficient lectures by her. She handled detailed works with skill and accuracy. She deeply cares about her students and we look to her for approval and guidance to which she was always ready to be. She has generated a warm and close rapport with us. Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind!’

Shanu Hassan, Student in Ayurveda, India.
November 10, 2022

Best Guidance Ever

“I feel so blessed to have had Rafeena Kidavintavida as one of my teachers. Her kindness and patience both as a teacher and a practitioner are exceptional and make a much grounded experience. I highly recommend her and hope that one day soon will again have the good fortune to work with her.”

Jamie Leigh, Holistic practitioner, USA
November 10, 2022

A Real Representative of Ayurveda

“I’m a Yoga instructor in Brazil. I was a student of Rafeena when I did my training in Panchakarma/Ayurveda. I have great memories of the beautiful lessons she ministered with efficiency, kindness and even with a poetic way to comprehend the millennial Hindu knowledge. I believe that Rafeena is the real representative of the Ayurvedic tradition of India. I miss your lessons and practice in Panchakarma. Congratulations Rafeena by the person and professional who you are!”

Hudson Rodrigues Lima
November 10, 2022

Classes Packed with Extensive Knowledge

“I met Rafeena when I received teachings and Ayurvedic therapies, and I could see during the theoretical and practical classes taught by her to her extensive knowledge on various topics. Thank you very much Rafeena!”

Margareth Mundim, Brazil
November 10, 2022

A Life Changing Experience

“My experience in India was so great. Just two weeks that completely changed my life and my vision of the world. I often remember those days in India as one of the best in my life. A great experience. The smiles of the people and their kindness. Also I really really enjoyed the food there. And the massages and treatments (as suggested by doctors after treatments) helped me a lot in my health and my well being. They gave me a lot of good energy and the punitiveness I had lost….Rafeena K, a young nice lady really involved in her job. A person that you know is doing her job with passion trying to promote all the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and India for helping people. I really trusted her. Thank you so much for your labor!”

Michela Vidotto, Canada.
November 10, 2022

Excellent Content Delivery

“.More specifically recognizing her (Rafeena) as an excellent professional in her classes and follow up in the practice of our stay. Thanks for her ability to convey content and generous attention given all our class that time. My obeisance and hope success always. Thanks and love.”

Carmen Lúcia Uberlandia, Yoga teacher, Brazil
November 10, 2022

Received an Outstanding Training

“I had a wonderful time with Rafeena. The training I received was excellent. I had one to one practical training as well as theory sessions. The course was designed to my individual needs, and I wish I could have spent a longer time with such wonderful people. I had (the consultation and) experienced all the treatments and then was shown how to prepare for and carry them out myself. An excellent experience Thank you!”

Jenny Pierce, Business owner, England
November 10, 2022

Genuine Treatments

“Meeting Rafeena was a life changing experience. She not only recommended treatments for the present illness, but also advised how to prevent them in future. Her kind and empathetic words itself act as a form of healing. Soon she became our family physician. Every day we remember her through the simple, but effective daily regimes to be healthy!”

Ramla Rafique, Kerala, India
November 10, 2022

The Best Stop for Preventive Care

“Ayurveda is, on the one hand quite simple, and on the other, complex.
Unlike western medicine, responsibility for one’s own health rests with the individual. This can prove quite confronting especially for many westerners accustomed to the primacy of the doctor.
However, under the care of Rafeena, I have a greater appreciation of how my thoughts and actions influence my health and that of others, and a greater awareness of how to correct imbalance before it turns into disease.”

Elizabeth Ryan, Registered Nurse, Randwick
November 10, 2022

Treatments with a Calming Effect

“The treatment experience with Rafeena had a profoundly calming and uplifting effect on me that lasted for days. My sleep and hence energy levels improved”

Melinda Lewis, Lecturer, Leichhardt
November 10, 2022

Efficiency is Remarkable

“I was beyond impressed with my experience with Rafeena…I was down with H pylori infection soon after my delivery and it was her efficiency and courtesy towards it and her treatment made my disease disappear..She was very calm, kind and considerate…She always had that problem solving attitude towards everything. She is that 1 person I would always run to for any help”

Fazmin Khader, Admin, Canterbury
November 10, 2022

Fully Satisfied

“I felt lighter and have a greater sense of happiness in the days that followed (Consultation with Rafeena and Ayurvedic detox). It is as if I have broken through an invisible barrier to the other side and I have been released”

Debra Frances, Bank employee, Killara
November 10, 2022

Wow! Just Wow

“I’ve been suffering for many years the pain and discomfort of two slipped discs on my lower back. I was managing that with yoga and lifestyle. However, days ago I had a painful episode when I tried to lift up a little boy. Suddenly I fell down and because of the strong pain I couldn’t get up for some minutes. I went to the hospital, after a high dose of painkillers which made me feel sick and throw up, I was able to walk again, but my spine looked bent to my right side and the pain was still present even in the softest movements.
The next day, I went to see Rafeena. After her evaluation about my condition, she did a secure procedure to amend the position of my spine pulling from my legs. With three continuous days of therapies with warm herbal oils on my back called “Pichu”, soft massage and steam-additional to the intake of Ayurvedic herbal tea and pills- I was able to get back to my normal routine only five days after the incident. Many thanks to Rafeena and Ayurveda.”

Linda Joya,International Student, Sydney
November 10, 2022

High-Quality Care

In December 2019 my husband and I attended an Ayurveda Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Kerala, India, expertly and efficiently organised by Dr Rafeena Kidavintavida and Dr Shaun. Dr Rafeena had in the past worked as an Ayurvedic practitioner at the particular retreat in India and so was well informed and qualified to recommend the high-quality care that was delivered by the doctors and therapists, resulting in beneficial health results for all members of the group.

Angela Hayson
December 11, 2019

Relaxing Experience

‘Everything so beautifully done right from consultation to care to service to the beautiful setting of the place. My whole experience is superb. I am still in a different ecstatic world and there is no word to describe it. The ambience, care, therapy and the music…etc have taken me to another world of deep relaxation. My fantastically relaxing experience is beyond any words.’

Bina Thakur
January 2, 2018