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    As Rafeena Kidavinatavida is born, brought up and learned Ayurveda in Kerala (She also practiced Ayurveda in Kerala around 7 years before coming to Australia) she has a thorough understanding regarding the Ayurvedic practitioners, resorts, hospitals and retreats and programmes happening in Kerala. Kerala is a tropical glowing state on Southern cost of India known as ‘God’s own country’. Kerala is considered as the cradle of genuine Ayurveda, the place which literally never lost the continuity of growth of Ayurveda. So Ayurveda is highly developed and specialised in Kerala. You can find various retreats and resorts located in serene environment as well as Ayurvedic speciality hospitals like Ayurvedic eye hospital, Ayurvedic infertility hospital, Ayurvedic mental hospital, Ayurvedic cancer institute, Ayurvedic hospital for sports injuries, etc. in Kerala.

    Kerala is one of the highly sought after tourist destination as well. Kerala lies between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats and enjoys rain almost 6 months of a year. So if planned properly, you can make the trip a pleasant and memorable experience.

    Consulting with Rafeena Kidavinatavida can help you to find the most suitable Ayurvedic destination in Kerala. Choosing a properly qualified and the most experienced and specialised Ayurvedic doctor and centre for your health issues is an important aspect of your recovery. If you are planning to have a wellness retreat, a well accredited resort with qualified practitioners would be a better choice. According to your health requirements and holiday choices, Rafeena can help you to make the best possible plan. According to your health, treatment guidelines and interests, visiting local tourist destinations and experiencing local culture can be included in the plan.

    The consulting includes half an hour Skype conversation followed by e mail and/ or phone conversations. Each hour of service costs $99. Bookings are essential. Within 3-7 days, Rafeena will give you the details recommended Ayurvedic centres/ plans. Second and third choices will be included whenever possible. Once you have finalised your destination, Rafeena will contact the centre to ensure the best possible service and a pleasant memorable experience for you. Rafeena can also help you to make day-to- day plans including sightseeing and experiencing local cultural programs. Additional charges may apply.

    If you wish to give yourself a retreat, this is the best time. So, don’t think twice. Come and join us for the Ayurveda, Yoga & Cultural Retreat event, Kerala,South India on Dec 2019.

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