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    Ayurvedic nasal detox/ Ayurvedic sinus treatments (Nasya):

    Ayurvedic Nasal Detox (Nasya)Ayurvedic nasal detox is the process of draining the sinus, respiratory tract and the tissues around. During nasal detox after massaging and applying steam to head, sinus and chest, Ayurvedic herbalized oils are dropped into each nostril. Oils are selected according to your body type and/or health issues and the number of drops depends upon intensity of imbalance, body type and season.

    Ayurvedic nasal detox is one among the detox therapies/ panchakarma and includes in detox programmes. Ayurveda offers one of the most elaborate and effective detox programmes via Panchakarma. A session of nasal detox can help to relieve respiratory and nasal congestion, head ache, stress, cervical, shoulder and upper back stiffness and pain, hormonal imbalances, etc. As nasal detox helps to provide clarity to mind it’s highly recommended in mental health problems like anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. Sometimes multiple sessions may be required to get the desired long lasting results.Read more about Nasya here

    Duration: App. 45 minutes Cost: $85

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