body scrub
Ayurveda; ancient system of healing from India brings various unique way to heal and support body. Ayurveda’s holistic approach helps to understand the individual as a whole and provide comprehensive therapeutic options to heal deeper and whole. Along with lifestyle modification and herbs, Ayurveda advises various massage and detox therapies that bring faster and permanent results.

Udwartana/ Udvartana is one of the massage therapies where wisdom of Ayurevda is used to stimulate the body to improve fat and fluid metabolism. When oil massage generally lubricates and relaxes the body, therapeutic scrub generally tones and stimulates the system. Udwartana is the Ayurvedic therapeutic scrub where warm dry herbal powders are scrubbed throughout the body with specific strokes so that it improves general metabolism, circulation, lymphatic drainage, fat metabolism and sluggishness.
It is a very popular therapy to support kapha body type and address Kapha disorders. As it helps to address sluggishness Udwartana provides easiness, energy and wellness when Kapha is imbalanced. It is highly recommended in lifestyle disorders, obesity, diabetes, fluid retention, heaviness, feeling down, stress, depression, fatigue, cellulite and so on.

After giving a session of head massage, (according to your imbalance sometimes head massage is done without oil), gentle scrub is applied using Ayurvedic herbal powder. To add the benefits, Udwratana will be finished with a session of steam therapy where you will sit in a chamber filled with aromatic steam. Ayurvedic therapeutic herbal scrub helps to boost metabolism, improve tonicity and relax. It is highly recommended for obesity, skin issues, diabetes, neuropathies, venous insufficiency, etc.  Having 3-7 sessions of Udwartana consecutively or periodically helps to get long lasting results.

130$ (1 hour)
160$ (75 minutes)
190$ (90 minutes)