Routine for Daily Care of Your Body

Ayurveda, traditional healing system of India, emphasises mainly on promotion of health and prevention of diseases. Ayurveda means (literally) the knowledge of life. It is classified into two, caring of healthy individuals (Swasta Vritta) and caring of unhealthy individuals (Atura Vritta). When a person is healthy, Swasta Vritta helps to maintain health and prevent diseases. Health is not just an absence of diseases, but it is a balance of Doshas (functional particles; vata, pitta and kapha) and other body constituents; and wellness of sensory organs, mind and soul. Swasta Vritta advises healthy routines to lead a healthy life. Swastavritta includes daily regimes, seasonal regimes, healthy eating and so on. Daily Body Care Routine Daily regimes (Dina Charya) advice how we can do all our daily routines in a healthy way, so that we can easily maintain and improve health. Always keep in mind that all life style modifications should be … Continue reading “Routine for Daily Care of Your Body”